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CSCS615 Checkpoint Backup and Monitoring

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How do you currently back up your laptop?
How do you back up the data you have on other systems?

When was the last time you restored data from your backup?

Read the dump(8) manual page. What would be a suitable invocation to create a full system backup of the file hierarchy under /data?

Give two examples of filesystems or operating systems which support filesystem level backups. How are they different / what do they have in common?

What protocol and port does syslog use?

What other log mechanisms do you know? How do they differ from syslog?

On linux-lab or an EC2 instance, look at the files under /var/log.
Identify one meaningful metric from one of those files that a system administrator would be interested in.
Explain why, and how it would be useful.

What kind of tools can you use to process logs? Think about scalability!