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CS615 Week 01 Checkpoint

Please help us make this class as productive as possible by filling in this short pre-lecture questionnaire.

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Describe in one, two, or at most three simple sentences the job of a System Administrator.

What specific skills do you hope to learn in this course?

What is your level of experience with Unix systems?

What, if any, experience do you have maintaining systems for other people?

Please confirm that you have an AWS account ready for use in this class.

(If the answer is "No", please make sure to remedy this before our next class.)

How much programming experience do you have?
Please enter approximate KLOC and programming languages with rough skill level (novice, experienced, expert).

Please read the paragraph entitled "Plagiarism, Cheating and other ways to get an F" on the course website.
Please enter below a statement that you have read and understood its meaning and implications.