Stevens Institute of Technology - Department of Computer Science

CS631 Week 13 Checkpoint

To help you get the most out of this class, please fill out this short form after completing the materials and exercises for week 13.

Please enter your full name:

Please enter your Stevens username:

On linux-lab, create a file that has:
  • read permissions for user 'jschauma'
  • read and write permissions for one of your classmates
  • execute permissions for all members of the group 'student'
Show the resulting permissions here by running ls -l file and getfacl file:

Use file flags to mark a file as system-immutable, then verify that the owner cannot write to the file, remove the file, nor change any of the file's attributes. Show your commands here:

How would you use the chroot(1) command to run your 'sws' web server?
What would doing that mean for ~user and CGI directories?

Create a resource-intensive command, then use nice(1) to run simultaneous invocations with different priorities.
Repeat the same on both NetBSD and Linux and describe any differences:

Use VirtualBox to add CPUs to your VM, then use the schedctl(8) command to place different jobs or processes on different CPUs.
If a process P on CPU1 creates a child process C and you move P to CPU2, what happens to C?