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CS631 Week 07 Checkpoint

To help you get the most out of this class, please fill out this short form after completing the materials and exercises for week 07.

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Consider the login session:
$ echo $SHELL
$ ls -R / | wc -l &
[2] 4526
$ date
Thu Oct 14 14:06:54 EDT 2021
$ jobs
[1] Stopped           find /
[2] Running           ls -R / | wc -l &
$ ps | sleep 30
How many process groups are there?
Which, if any, interact with the controlling terminal?

Common signals you may encounter include INT, KILL, SEGV, QUIT, or TSTP.
Identify three other signals and describe under what circumstances they might occur:

What's the difference between blocking a signal and ignoring it?

Run the program reentrant.c (repeatedly!) on different Unix versions (e.g., NetBSD, Linux, macOS).
What do you observe? Do they behave differently?