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CS631 Week 02 Checkpoint

To help you get the most out of this class, please fill out this short form after completing the materials and exercises for week 02.

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What happens if you run 'ulimit -n 0'? Why?

Complete the file descriptors exercise.
What, if anything, did you learn? Any other comments?

Identify a flag that may be passed to open(2) that was not discussed in the videos or slides.
What does it do? Is it OS specific?

Run the hole.c program on different Unix systems (NetBSD, macOS, Linux, ...).
Does the behavior differ? Why?

If you create a new file, write, say, 10 bytes of data, and then seek to the end of the file, where do you end up? Why?

Consider the following two commands,
cmd >file 2>&1 and cmd 2>&1 >file.
Is there a difference?