Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

Permitted use of (generative) AI technologies

The homework assignments in this class all have one primary objective: for you to learn, to internalize the lessons, to practice your coding skills. You best learn how to code by writing code - yourself. By making mistakes, by debugging your code and then figuring out why your code didn't work before but does now.

You may use AI programs such as e.g., ChatGPT to help generate ideas and brainstorm. However, you should note that the material generated by these programs may be inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise problematic. Beware that use may also stifle your own independent thinking and creativity.

You may not submit any work generated by an AI program as your own. If you include material generated by an AI program, it should be cited like any other reference material (with due consideration for the quality of the reference, which may be poor), properly identifying the code blocks and scope that was created by the AI, and must include the prompt you used to have the AI to generate the code in question.

Treat these programs like a virtual fellow student: you are allowed to "discuss" with them at a conceptual level, but you cannot take their code and hand it in as your own, even if you make minor changes yourself afterwards.

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