CS631 -- Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment - HW#1

HW#1: trivially copy a file


The objective of this assignment is for you to write your first program and get comfortable developing a tool from a given specification.

Problem assignment

Write a simple program to copy a file following the specification in this manual page. Your program will:

  • follow the general homework guidelines
  • be written in C (not C++ or anything else)
  • not generate any output other than error messages when appropriate
  • be accompanied by a Makefile, README, and checklist

Testing functionality

You can test the functionality of your program using this script. Please note that passing all tests there is necessary, but not sufficient for a good grade; code quality and cleanliness will factor into your grade.

Deliverables and Due Date

You will submit a single compressed tar archive named username-hw1.tar.gz that will extract into a directory named after your username. In that directory will be the files bbcp.c, Makefile, README, and checklist.

For example, I would create my submission like this:

$ whoami
$ mkdir jschauma
$ cd jschauma
$ vi bbcp.c
$ vi Makefile
$ vi checklist
$ cd ..
$ tar zcf jschauma-hw1.tar.gz jschauma

The due date for this assignment is 2023-09-25 16:00:00 EDT. Please attach the file to an email sent from your @stevens.edu email address to jschauma@stevens.edu with a subject of "[CS631] HW1".

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