CS615A -- Aspects of System Administration - Useradd Exercise

Exercise: Create your user account on different OS

Run a FreeBSD, Omnios, and Fedora EC2 instance

$ aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-00be86d9bba30a7b3 # FreeBSD
$ aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-0242bbd23361d20e2' # OmniOS
$ aws ec2 run-instances --image-id ami-0f593aebffc0070e1 # Ubuntu Linux

Note: these AMIs are in the us-east-1 availability zone.

Create your own user

On each system, create your own user account. The user account should be identical in all regards to your user account on linux-lab.cs.stevens.edu. That is, it should have the same username, UID, primary group, supplementary groups, login shell, etc.

What tools did you use to identify this information?

Do the tools to create the accounts on each instance differ? How?

Consider, on a high-level, how to sync dozens or hundreds of accounts across hundreds or thousands of hosts. Consider pitfalls and error scenarios.

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