CS615A -- Aspects of System Administration

Slack Online Chat

This class offers the use of a Slack Workspace to facilitate online chat in and around the lectures, complementing the class mailing list as a means of communication.

All enrolled students will receive an invitation to join the Slack workspace. When you join, please make sure to keep your username on Slack the same as your Stevens username and to update your profile to show your full name. Please do not use alternative shortnames or aliases.

The workspace offers different channels; students are encouraged to chat about class related topics in the #chat channel, and participation in the online discussions will contribute to your overall class participation grade.

As an online chat system, Slack encourages synchronous communications. Please do not assume that your instructor is always paying attention to Slack; any questions you need to have answered are still best directed at the class mailing list.

Online classes may be held on Slack; if that is the case, then a dedicated chatroom will be created. An example is the room lecture04, where we will hold class on 2019-02-19.

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