CS615A -- Aspects of System Administration

Filesystem Exercise

The objective of this exercise is for you to set up a file system on an EBS volume and to verify the persistance of files created on this file system after an instance is terminated.

Perform the following tasks:

  • create two AWS instances of a given OS (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OmniOS)
  • create a 1GB volume and attach it to one of the instances
  • create a new filesystem on the volume and mount it
  • create a file on the new filesystem
  • terminate the first instance
  • attach the volume to the second instance
  • retrieve the file from the volume via the second instance
Then, repeat for a different OS. Note any differences in the process or tools. Can you use the same volume / filesystem across different OS instances? Why/how/why not?

You may find the following manual pages helpful: aws ec2 create-volume, aws ec2 attach-volume, format(1M), mkfs(8), mount(8), newfs(8).

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