CS615A -- Aspects of System Administration

Capture The Flag!


In this group assignment, your task is to "capture the flag" by solving a few exercises and problems of increasing difficulty.

The final "flag" is to take control of a web server.

Each level has one intended solution. Solving all levels in order should allow you to capture the flag. However, it is possible that you can solve a level in a way not anticipated by the instructor, or that you can capture the flag without solving all or some of the levels. That's perfectly fine.

Final Flag

The final flag is to take control of this site: http://cs615asa.netmeister.org by having the site display your team's name and members. Once you have accomplished this, you need to defend it against take-over by another team.


Capturing (and defending) the flag will gain each of your team's member 75 points.

Individual levels may gain you partial credit along the way. If you solve all individual levels and capture the flag, you will gain a total of 75 points; if you find another way to capture the flag, you will gain 75 points. That is, you cannot gain more than 75 points, but if you attempt to capture the flag without solving any of the levels and then fail, you will not get any points.


All work is to be done in groups as noted here. All members of the group are expected to participate equally in solving all levels, and are expected to be able to fully explain the solution for any level.

Proving levels

In order to claim the points for a given level (including the final flag), you must write a document describing how you solved the problem. The document must be:

  • plain ascii text
  • well-formatted with paragraphs and line-breaks < 80 chars
  • named README
  • accompanied by detached PGP signatures of all team members
Please send your submissions via email to jschauma@stevens.edu. Note: any failure to meet the above requirements will lead to the submission being rejected as incorrect without any further comments.

48 hours after a level has been solved by any one team, it will be opened up and the points will no longer be available.


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